With my most beloved Mama. She passed away June, 2015. Her love lives on in my heart.

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  1. Ronaldo says:

    Wonderful work man!

  2. Zak Columber says:

    I love your art… I went to SECCA recently and your paintings were very moving. I particularly liked Shôsan (Bloom, Fade). I recently sent you an email about your creative process, and I would appreciate it so much if you could share a little with me about how you come up with ideas for your paintings.

    • taiyolapaix says:

      Thank you for going to the show, and for such enthusiastic encouragement. I’m so glad my stuff meant something to you. Hope the stuff i sent you is helpful!

  3. Sara says:

    Hi Tai,
    really was happy to see you at the Spiral, even for a few minutes. Loved the pieces, especially the Peter townsend piece and the L’amor/mord(?) Hope you get some rest , you looked “depleted”

    Saw this blurb on a newsletter, thought Id send it on to you:

    New Gallery Seeks Artists

    ZaPow, a new artist and writer promotions company and unique illustration, comic and pop art gallery and workspace, will be opening this Fall in downtown Asheville. The 3,000 square foot location at 21 Battery Park near the Grove Arcade will be the only one of its kind in the region.

    ZaPow is currently accepting applications from National and Regional artists. The ideal artists will have an eye towards visual narrative, illustrative & pop aesthetic.

    See you soon

    • taiyolapaix says:

      thank you so much for coming to the show, Sara, and for all your kind words! Sorry i was kinda out of it–hadn’t slept in days! Maybe we could grab a cup of coffee sometime? let me know if there’s a good time for you. Thanks for all your work at the museum–I’ll see you at the opening reception! Hope you’re having a beautiful day. taiyo

  4. Daniel Lawing says:

    I simply adore your work man. It seems silly to even call it ‘work’ doesn’t it? When it comes from the soul. I think you may really enjoy a graphic novel titled ‘Orange’ by Benjamin, its his pen-name. That book changed the way I thought about love and women. And the art is digital yet so inspiring. Haha, ironically an ex-girlfriend stole it actually hahaha but still I highly encourage you to order it!

    • taiyolapaix says:

      hey daniel! great to hear from you–was a pleasure to meet you. sorry been busy getting my crap together for a show. I’ll look into orange–thanx! please stay in touch, and let me know how your art is going. if you’re in asheville, let’s grab a coffee. cheers, tai

  5. Mg Nelson says:

    Stumbled across your “Waking Up With Van Gogh” piece on the internet and had to show it to a friend as it “looked” like her life. Then I looked for your website and was blown away by what I see here. So many things made me smile and your comment on just being good to people every day….well, thank you for making me smile today!

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