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  1. Hi Taiyo!

    I’ve seen through Facebook how hard it was for you the death of your mother. And I truly admire you for going through that with such an colorful and bright art! I love the way you paint your girls – they’re not super skinny or ‘perfect’ and they always look so beautiful and happy!
    I also admire the way you always reply to your fans with attention and the most gentle words. It’s so rare nowadays!

    I hope you can keep doing your art and inspiring other artists like me!

    • taiyolapaix says:

      Dear Cynthia,

      Thank you for such caring words. I was extremely close to my mother, and losing her has devastated me. It’s been very hard, and after a year and half, I have finally started painting again. I cannot tell you how much it means to me, to receive such warm words of encouragement from you. It makes me feel that I must keep making art. Thank you for understanding and appreciating what I do. You must be a kind soul. Your drawings are beautiful–I especially love your delicate pencil work. I hope the stars shine bright on you. Big hug. Taiyo

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